Are you a school or educational organisation looking for School Business Management or Project Management support/consultancy?

I offer cost effective school business management and project management support/consultancy, available on an as needed basis and tailored according to your school or organisation’s needs. My services are not centered on providing day to day on-site SBM provision, but instead focus on income generation, troubleshooting, project management and creating business efficiency solutions.

Available services offered:

Business Efficiency Solutions

If your SBM function isn’t running at top efficiency, there will be a negative impact on your budget. Working with inefficient systems and software could quickly lead to a series of cracks that can result in a waste of people, time, and financial resources. Though you may not see it happening at first, at some point the failure will become obvious. To avoid this, your SBM function must be working at peak efficiency, and when you’re already deeply embedded in your systems, software, and managerial practices, an objective second opinion can support you through the improvement process.


Through this service I aim to quickly identify the ‘elephant in the room’ and build an effective approach to provide a solution. More than simply a review or audit, in collaboration with your on-site team I’ll take an in-depth look at particular problems and perceived issues, providing experienced options and recommendations on how to resolve them. Often the real issues are about people and capability, management, structure, culture, communication and the management of expectations.

Income Generation

You can ask me to provide income generation support, focusing on creating a whole school strategy and using practical and sustainable methods towards generating income.

Project Management

Every type of project is a finite process, with a definite start and end and I can provide support kick-starting a project to get it off the ground or provide project management throughout the duration to ensure a successful outcome. Project management skills are essential as an SBM and I am able to draw on experience gained through a wide variety of projects completed in the past.