Point 13 – recruitment advertising agency

I’ve been using Point 13 for many years. I can’t remember how I discovered them, but I do know they have taken the pain of recruitment advertising away from me. If I need to recruit a teacher, support staff, create awareness of a school event or maybe advertise my schools venue hire offer, I draft the copy for the ad and then contact Point 13.

I explain my target audience and approximate budget; they then do all the legwork. My account manager comes back with suggestions, which online and print publications I should consider advertising in, the geographical reach and distribution numbers of each publication, the size and cost of the ads, deadlines for final copy. I only have one person to deal with, and they in turn do all the negotiating and purchasing for me.

This service is FREE. Point 13 is paid a commission from the media they purchase advertising space from on our behalf.

Additionally, if you provide a logo for your school along with the copy for the advert, Point 13 will design an advert template that can be used over and over again in print publications, ensuring a professional and consistent look and feel to your advert – design skills we may not have or the time to complete in school. You can proof and make changes; this is also FREE.

SBM’s need to work SMART in order to keep on top of all their responsibilities and keep costs down. Point 13 saves you money, and time as they do all the work, and they are paid by the media not you. Next time you need to advertise contact them via [email protected], I have only ever received a quick, professional, supportive and friendly service and I know you will receive the same!

Point 13 – Hello SBMs